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Heteronymical History

Evolution of Man
  It began when a one-lunged fish lunged from the sea and got stuck on the land.  From there it continued in its inexorable way,  never to be routed from the course on which it was routed.

  A country where civilization could flower
because the Nile was such a powerful flower.

  A femme fatale who could entrance men
from the moment of her entrance.

Marie Antoinette
  A queen know to lower at servants
and lower her décolleté,
rather than deal with problems of the day.

United States Constitution
  A political compact originally entered into
by a not very compact group of thirteen states.

Abraham Lincoln
  The Great Emancipator, who tragically received a wound that wound up fatal.

Dwight Eisenhower
  A golfing President, who was often putting putting ahead of state affairs.

Richard Nixon
  A politician who, even when his status had peaked,
managed nonetheless to look peaked.

Negative Balance of Trade
  The import of what we import,
if it’s more than we export.

Ronald Reagan
  An overage actor with a budget overage
who wanted to excise the excise tax
levied on capital gains.

Ross Perot
  A billionaire campaigner who liked to brag how stingy
he would be with the public purse,
while firing stingy barbs at his opponents.


Fakespeare, n. A fake English accent and/or Olde English grammar (e.g. That sucketh!). Often used in earnest at Renaissance faires and early American-era reenactments due to the mistaken belief that every English speaker in history sounded like a drunken Laurence Olivier.

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