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Merry Christmas From the American Hysterical Society!

Sing the song…

Sing the Song

Registrar Humor

Here’s a little something from the humor page at Registrar Trek: The Next Generation, including  Registrar’s Jokes and You Might Be a Registrar If…

For those of you who are a member of the general public or for those who work in a larger institution, a registrar is the museum professional tasked with maintaining collections records, supervising object handling and transportation, and overseeing collections-related contracts and policies. According to our best research, they all look like this

At least, we think so. To our knowledge we have never seen a registrar and neither has anyone else. But they have a web page (and someone keeps telling the educators they can’t do whatever they want with the collection), so they must exist.

Dates Are Important

The accountant was visiting the Museum of Natural History and said to the person standing next to him, “That dinosaur is two billion years and ten months old.”
“How did you get such exact information?”
“I was here ten months ago and the guide said the dinosaur was two billion years old.”

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