The Cynic on History

Actually By Maurice Rigoler

What the past really leaves historians.
By Andy Lendzion.

History is replete
with examples of the incomplete.
Which is why we have historians –
or should that be restorians.

Theirs is the patient art
of piecing history back together,
what men and time put apart,
with results not much better.

If Jurassic Park Were In Different Geological Eras

Comedians Give Tour of Portland Art Museum, or This is the Next Room Full of Paintings

Disillusioned Museum Admissions Employee Doesn’t Even Believe Own Annual Membership Pitch Anymore

Actually By The Onion


MILWAUKEE—After more than nine months of enumerating for visitors the various member-only benefits and explaining how dues help support the museum’s mission to educate and inspire, disillusioned Milwaukee Art Museum employee Ashley Mizote told reporters Friday she no longer believes her own annual membership pitch. “I used to think that membership was an unbeatable value, but now I can barely get through my opening line about how an annual pass will connect visitors to the vibrant arts community without questioning the truth of it all,” said Mizote, who admitted that her voice often trails off during the part of her pitch about how members automatically receive important updates and offers via the museum’s e-newsletter. “I know the words, but I don’t feel them…

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How Incorrect Is This?

Seriously? An actor would never point out anachronisms like that.


Actually From XKCD (#1598)

In honor of the 104th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic, which is this Thursday, April 14th.



A New Hip Hopera About Historical Wig & Knee-Sock People

Click Image to Watch.




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