About Us

The American Hysterical Society is the world’s first, largest, and only museum dedicated to collecting, creating, and curating comic and satirical perspectives on Clio and her misguided minions.

Mission & Vision

The mission of the American Hysterical Society is to condemn, profane, and indulge the history and museum professions.

We accomplish this by sharing collected and original perspectives, opinions, and rants not published by the Center for the Future of Museums or Museums 2.0. While our focus is on history and museums, we also include archeology, reenacting, public history, art history, archives & library science, and anything else we feel like. As our collection demonstrates having a little fun at the expense of history and those who pursue it is an old and easy amusement.


We’re the overly-proud winners of a Liebster Award (2013). To learn more about the award and the American Hysterical Society check out our Liebster post.

Public Hours: 24/7 (we’re a cyber museum)

Office Hours: Whimsical


If you’re reading this, you’re here already


Director-Curator: T.H. Gray

Educator: T.H. Gray

Marketing & Communications Manager: T.H. Gray

Janitorial Arts: T.H. Gray

Board of Directors

None (envious?)

Contact Us

thgray@yahoo.com (it’s a real address, we promise)

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