Weekend Work 12-1-14: The Deaccession Debates Continue (With Our Help), Kids Movies are Research, The Real Discoverers of America, and Indiana Jones is a Bad Man


This is perhaps a more nuanced discussion than ours.

This is perhaps a more nuanced discussion than ours.

Culturegrrl is at it again, renewing her call for legislation to prevent museums from monetizing collections through deaccessioning. While Culturegrrl is for more legislation, our umbrella organizations are against it, and the rest of us are somewhere between them. Though we here at the Hysterical Society are immune to such discussions (we have no physical collection to accession and thus potentially deaccession), we have thought about both sides of this issue, including reflections upon the current and possible legal standards and actions and the field’s ability to self-govern. We don’t expect our work will settle any of these issues, but we do think it will help fully and disinterestedly explain these deacession debacles.

Curators finally have a reason to watch kids movies, which they’re been doing all along, but now they can call it research.

While it might be a fake news show, it’s real news: Check out the Colbert Report’s coverage of recent research into the real discoverers of America (go to 4:22).

And finally, if you’ve been glamorizing Indian Jones’s approach to archeology, you should stop.




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