Weekend Work 1-6-14: Blackadder is Ruining History & Bill Nye Will Be Talking Creationism With the Founder of the Creation Museum

While searching the news recently it seems the new year (Happy New Year, by the way) has brought all kinds of crazy for history and museums, all in an effort to protect the children.

Television and movies have never been good about portraying history accurately, but did you know they were out to subvert it? It’s true. Well at least that’s what Michael Gove, a British MP and the Secretary of State for Education, thinks that the comedy television show Blackadder Goes Forth is doing to Britain’s understanding of their WWI history.

What makes this ironic is that Mr Gove is also a weekend Mr Bean impersonator. Wikipedia.

Ironically, Mr Gove is also a weekend Mr Bean impersonator. Wikipedia.

Although it’s true Blackadder did take some license with history (well, rather a lot really), they did try to correct people’s understanding of the war’s origins, as you can see here. Also, they perhaps summed up war more poignantly than any historian ever could

In Mr Gove’s considered opinion, Blackadder left out all the patriotism and nationalistic pride that actually created and cheerfully sustained the war effort. Clearly he is not a fan of revisionist history. Nope. Not at all.

Also in the news, Bill Nye the Science Guy will be part of an evolution v. creation open-mic night (cause this isn’t a debate) with Ken Ham the Creation Museum Guy. Some have referred to Ham’s choice of opponents as a “natural selection.

Something tells us that the conversation is going to be about as subtle as this:

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