33 Famous People If They Were Born in Different Times

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Some of our favorite historical figures just always seemed destined for greatness. We asked you to show us what amazing feats these people would’ve pulled had they been born in a different era. The winner is below, but first the runners-up …


by madmann


by ETangonan


by Manx377


by VioletDavey


by DutchHoward


by maluba


by junkpunch


by HaywireLiar


by bazooka


by TCinc


by HaywireLiar


by MrWilson


by HaywireLiar


by DutchHoward


by Sksmith


by HaywireLiar


by madmann


by JenLoforese


by Matt Gallagher


by HaywireLiar


by forbes


by aberrant85


by ComradeZombie


by krakenkraked


by HaywireLiar


by Ravellion


by Jollyinthebox


by Expalphalog


by ZombieHolocaust


by Sebaara


by buzzyknee


by AuntieMeme

And the winner is …

Congrats, Just_Another. You win money.

by Just_Another

Read more: http://www.cracked.com/photoplasty_621_33-famous-people-if-they-were-born-in-different-times/#ixzz2b76ZYZq4


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