Why Museums Are Founded

Actually By Stephen Colbert

Racism no longer exists in America.

Don’t believe me? Down in Selma, Alabama, they recently opened up The National Civil Rights Museum. It’s all about the fight against racism. Well, folks, it stands to reason that you don’t open a museum for something that still exists. Case in point: the Air and Space museum. Once we “landed on the moon,” Air and Space was over. Scotchguard Neil Armstrong and hang him from the ceiling.

From I am America (And So Can You), 172.


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T.H. Gray is the self-appointed court jester and Dr. Demento for the history museum field. A lifelong museum professional and reenactor, he is a graduate of the prestigious Peale-Barnum Public History Museum Studies Program. Until 2011, when the AHS hired him away, he was on staff at the Benjamin Dover Memorial Museum & Swimming Pool ("Our History is All Wet!"). He remembers when museums were still about history, science, and art. BTW, all of these posts say they are by T.H. Gray because he can't turn off the byline. Credit, when due, is given. View all posts by T.H. Gray

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