Weekend Work 7-30-12: Lucy’s Lament

Admittedly the staff here at the American Hysterical Society worry that most of our visitor interactions look like this:

While we try our best to curate only the finest history and museum-related humor, we recognize that it’s pretty much us doing whatever we want and forcing you to look at it (though we can’t make you laugh). So, in the spirit of interactivity, we’re asking you, our loyal reader, to suggest or share with us any history or museum humor that strikes your fancy. We’ll even post it. If you’re not sure if something fits, please take a look at our mission. If you have questions feel free to email us at thgray@yahoo.com.

In the meantime, we thought we would share some of our recent collecting and curating projects.

We added a few songs to our Curator’s Cuts playlist including “Walking In Your Footsteps”by the Police and “Let’s Get Mesolithic” by Eddie From Ohio (Prehistory page). We also added “So Long, Frank Lloyd Wright” by Simon & Garfunkel (Music & Material Culture page).

We added two new websites to our blogroll, including Nipples At the Met and Stuff That Must Have Happened.

Finally we added three new titles to our Library collection: Dave Barry’s History of the Millenium (So Far) by Dave Barry (General Surveys) and Captions Courageous and More Captions Courageous (Art, Artifacts, & architecture). Both are a 1950s version of Historic LOLs. Our thanks go to loyal reader NM for alerting us to these books.

On a final note, we’d like to shamelessly plug Peabody’s Lament: please share it with as many people as you think might find it amusing. You can also share it with those who might not. They may know someone who would like us.


About T.H. Gray

T.H. Gray is the self-appointed court jester and Dr. Demento for the history museum field. A lifelong museum professional and reenactor, he is a graduate of the prestigious Peale-Barnum Public History Museum Studies Program. Until 2011, when the AHS hired him away, he was on staff at the Benjamin Dover Memorial Museum & Swimming Pool ("Our History is All Wet!"). He remembers when museums were still about history, science, and art. BTW, all of these posts say they are by T.H. Gray because he can't turn off the byline. Credit, when due, is given. View all posts by T.H. Gray

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