Weekeend Work 3-5-12: Updates

Ever on the lookout for new acquisitions, we have spent yet another weekend scanning the internet. This weekend’s searches were very fruitful (ok, so some of this we knew about before, but the internet is both a boon and bane to our memory).

We added nine new titles to the Bibliography page, (now our Library page) including four books (A Satirical History of Great Britain, The Comic History of Ireland, The History of the World According to Facebook, and The Onion’s Our Dumb Century) and five films (National Lampoon’s Stoned Age, Year One, Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, Night At the Museum, and Night At the Museum: Battle For the Smithsonian). We also spent time reformatting the page so it’s more user-friendly. Now you can actually see what we’re posting.

We also added three new blogs to our blogroll: Artnose, Dawn of Time, and I Made America.

Lastly we added “Walking In Your Footsteps” by the Police on Curator’s Cuts I. If for no other reason than you don’t often hear anyone asking dinosaurs for survival advice.

We will continue to share more of our recent acquisitions throughout the week. In fact, we’ve found so much that we’re thinking of adding another post each week.

As always please let us know if you find anything you think might fit our collection. You can reach us at thgray@yahoo.com. And please feel free to share Peabody’s Lament with anyone you think might appreciate our collection.


About T.H. Gray

T.H. Gray is the self-appointed court jester and Dr. Demento for the history museum field. A lifelong museum professional and reenactor, he is a graduate of the prestigious Peale-Barnum Public History Museum Studies Program. Until 2011, when the AHS hired him away, he was on staff at the Benjamin Dover Memorial Museum & Swimming Pool ("Our History is All Wet!"). He remembers when museums were still about history, science, and art. BTW, all of these posts say they are by T.H. Gray because he can't turn off the byline. Credit, when due, is given. View all posts by T.H. Gray

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