Then there was this plane crash…

There was a Museum Docent, a Curator of Vertebrate Paleontology and a Museum Director who were killed and go up before St. Peter. Saint Peter tells them there is a test to get into heaven as heaven is pretty crowded.

First he shows a saber tooth cat skull to the docent and asks him to give its common name. The docent replys “saber tooth cat” and is admitted to heaven.

Next, St. Peter asks the curator to give its scientific name. He quickly says, “Smilodon Californius” and St. Peter says, go right in.

St. Peter then quickly places the skull behind his back and says to the Museum Director, OK, what’s its catalog number?


About T.H. Gray

T.H. Gray is the self-appointed court jester and Dr. Demento for the history museum field. A lifelong museum professional and reenactor, he is a graduate of the prestigious Peale-Barnum Public History Museum Studies Program. Until 2011, when the AHS hired him away, he was on staff at the Benjamin Dover Memorial Museum & Swimming Pool ("Our History is All Wet!"). He remembers when museums were still about history, science, and art. BTW, all of these posts say they are by T.H. Gray because he can't turn off the byline. Credit, when due, is given. View all posts by T.H. Gray

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